Occupy London: we don’t need luck, we need love.

:-)Greed. You can bank on it.Poor old banker ...Rows of tents in front of St Paul's. Must be pretty went inside.OK one thing they cannot complain about is a lack of media attentionIMG_1798
IMG_1802Free hugs. Obviously :-)Now, that is really impressive! Protesters sort their rubbish - how responsible. Wonder if bankers from nearby offices do the sameYou can smash our tents ....Celebrating first successManifesto
Multi - faith prayer tent. If that's how the world should look according to protesters - I am inIMG_1779IMG_1782IMG_1797


It might be a part – time protest, but does it really undermine its authenticity?

I think that it’s pretty awesome that people bother to step away from their private lives, get together, organize themselves to articulate the vision for a better society. Despite rain and cold.

I went there yesterday to see it myself, to get beyond the media stories about – ‚people who protest because they have nothing else to do’. The mood is of a big sharing – you can get a free meal, hot tea and even use the multi – faith prayer room. But it really is something more than collective camping and a lot fun – there is a sense of very human, very real and authentic desire to take responsibility for making a world more human place to be.



I met there George and Paul ( guys with the paper on the photo) who were sharing the big news with me – apparently a top person (forgot the position) of St Paul’s said yesterday he would resign his post if police will move a camp. A nice little victory for the protesters – I wished them luck, but they responded: – We do not need luck, we need love.

Murdoch media said that they were there because they had nothing else to do. I saw many different people – students, NGO activists, people working from their tents and cute ladies who could be my grandmas – different age, color and background.

This is what a Big Society is Mr Cameron. Society that cares. The society I feel proud to be part of.

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